Mining Bitcoin

Transforming 20 MW of clean power to nearly 0.6 EH/s of clean mining power

100% self-mining, SATO powers its high-capacity computation center dedicated to Bitcoin mining using 20 MW of renewable Hydro Energy in Québec, Canada.

With complete control over our entire infrastructure, our team efficiently operates over 5,500 computers. SATO is frequently recognized as one of the world's most efficient public Bitcoin mining operations.

SATO's team is composed of technology entrepreneurs, electricity and ventilation experts, finance professionals with crypto-mining expertise, and Canadian industrialists to achieve performance at scale.

A team focused on performance and hashrate optimization

Over 6 years of experience in site development, building, and operating a data center with a focus on electrical, cooling and IT infrastructure. On-site competency and certification on Antminer with our own repair center.
Re-using our heat for environnemental efficiency
Operational excellence, our data center is designed, operated, and optimized in-house with a dedicated engineering and maintenance team.

Inside Center 001