Software Infrastructures for worldwide Bitcoin adoption

Building on Bitcoin by SATO

From its inception, the company pioneered DataMan, our exclusive software tailored for large-scale computing and power management. Having accumulated data since 2018 and leveraged advanced mathematical models to enhance efficiency, we continuously refine its features. We're also strategizing the integration of AI for daily management of our extensive computer fleet.

On top of the Bitcoin Network that we help secure as a Bitcoin Miner, numerous cutting-edge solutions are emerging that will attract even more users to Bitcoin. With the Lightning Network, L2's, DLC, Ordinals, Inscription, Rare Sats, Runes, Liquid, DeFi... the wave of innovation on Bitcoin is stronger than ever.

At SATO, our dedicated team is crafting the essential tools for Bitcoin's evolving landscape. We're on a mission to discover additional avenues for monetization while delivering solutions to the global community.

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